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Welcome to The Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Tade. The firm can best be described as a general civil litigation law firm with an emphasis on personal injury, workers' compensation, employment law, labor law and civil rights litigation.

Our goal is to provide quality professional legal representation effectively and efficiently, and to treat our clients with respect and compassion.  We are committed to representing only victims and their families who suffer serious injuries or death from industrial (work-related) accidents and accidents caused by the fault of negligent third parties such as automobile, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian and construction site accidents.  Negligent third parties also include manufacturers and distributors of defective products, and public entities such as cities, counties and the State for dangerous and defective road conditions.  We also handle employment-related disputes representing only employees for wage and labor violations, discrimination, harassment and civil rights violations.  

We are committed to providing professional and personalized representation for each of our clients utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide efficient and cost-effective legal services. We accept cases only where we feel we can achieve a successful result for the client. We have extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants which gives us a greater understanding into how insurance companies and adverse parties evaluate and settle their claims. We invest the time and expense to meticulously prepare every case as if it will proceed to trial and we find that this approach achieves the best possible outcome and maximizes results even when the case is resolved prior to trial by informal settlement, mediation or arbitration.

If you are seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced attorney to represent you, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. We offer free consultations on personal injury and worker' compensation cases.

Our office has a Spanish speaking staff and is centrally located in Salinas, California with services provided to the California Central Coast communities including Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

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